Conjuring Enormity

by Marasmus

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released October 2, 2015

Vocals-Devon Ferrara
Guitar-Brandon Culligan
Guitar-Andrew Nagorski
Drums- Trynt Kelly
Engineered & Mastered by: Andrew Nagorski
Composed and Produced by: Marasmus
Artwork by: Rafael Tavares



all rights reserved


Marasmus Kansas City, Missouri

Meaning complete and utter starvation or the worst way to die. Marasmus have made a name for themselves as being one of the most punishing underground metal acts in the Midwest. They have carved their own style out of an over saturated genre and have changed people's perception of what they call Death Metal. Catch them at Metal fest and shows near you. ... more


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Track Name: Conjuring Enormity
Rise from your foul Kingdom
Disperse the sand that's forming you
You are summoned here to serve me
The Knowledge to call you forth
Was taken from the Magus
No Man can kill the one
Some can call it forth
His gaze will desolate
All those who can cross the gate
Seek your altar, it was defiled by the blood of your enemies
Disemboweled to read the future what we sacrifice will come back to life.
Gold threads will line the horn
Track Name: Direct Demonic Influence
Heinous Embodiment
Villainous Entity- has made contact
It drives a foul voice- inward in mind
Mental Slaughter
Depraved Laughter- an obscene display
Intent Malice
My disaster is at hand- the wicked deeds I’ve done
Iniquitous soul I am- made me whole again
Without Flesh I’m dead-Constant smell of Rot
Lead them to my grave- now they won’t leave
This is my curse

Lost my sense of self, reprogrammed by these chants,
Deranged and malicious tone, demonic influence came to be, the slow emaciation of my brain , it is owned by other worlds, the only faction inside me, hatred is how they infiltrate, intent on conquest of my will, it will be exalted in my pain, I have wounds to show you
Track Name: Infinite Torture
Cold is the air- that hacks at your bones-Gone is your flesh
As you recoil at the sight of your corpse-the pain never dies
Screams of your torment-Crush your head as you plead
Your ghost is being tortured-now you suffer the wrath
Combing the Abyss-For the souls of the weak
My Serpents will feed-on your guts after life
Conversion of the dying-to a tangible grave
Complete Infinite Torture-in spirit and death
I-Transcend the dead / All-Fall unto me
They who die are damned to the depths
My pleasure is to abuse all who succumb
In the face of the skull you will beg
Horrific and Vile there is no escape
From eternal agony
-Scourge of Man left to rot
-throes of fire set you free
-impaled by iron in spirit and death
-visions resounding in anguish and pain
Track Name: Post Mortal Possession
I the unclean, the smell of death
A centered void that swallows all that dies
A thousand victims, an army of dead
My cloven hoof standing in your tomb
A black hole where nothing lives
A foul specter that was a man before
You’re Decaying Corpse, My Living Stench
I killed before and I’ll kill again
We control your corpse from the inside
You thought you died but your soul is mine
In possession of your tomb, I hacked a hole in nature’s womb
Vocalize in many tongues, until they see the hell within
I am infection to destroy man, a wretched heart beat
Too violent to control, an ancient sickness to destroy man
I will invade you I am the crown, your endless torment it
Will not end, kneel before me I am the plague of man
Ripping Open, Cerebral Cortex
I invade your, Darkened Vortex
Exorcists surround you
Trying to drive my spawn from your psyche
My cloven hoof on the light that guides you
Your mine Corpse, Mind & Soul
Ripping Open, Cerebral Cortex
I invade your, Darkened Vortex
Track Name: Mutilated Apparition
Whore dismembered in violence, hole cut deep in rage
Drain fluid from the puncture, Drunk on her liquid
Scalpel used to dissect, Hard to kill what was never there
You are weak, why would you end like this, it’s by my will that I wound instead of kill
Gouge out the eyes, brains on the wall
Guts on the floor, head in a vice
Rip out the tongue, Stab in the neck
Corpse in a box, sealed in a crypt
Skin Melting off, mouth open wide
Skull on a stick, now on display
Murder reenacted in memory, spectral glow in blood flow
Ego torn apart in silence, Desecrate the essence before you
Life not worth what you’re breathing, I will remove what it is that lets you live
Saw off your head, pull out your teeth
Cut out the life, mark what is dead
Melt into smoke, combust as I speak
Singe those I hate, scum of the earth
Trim off the fat, wound open wide
Stab in the gut, Burn what is left
Kept in a tomb, lock her away
Eat of the dead, gorge on the flesh
Mutilated Apparition, your demise is all I seek
Your mangled Body, rise when you are called
A marred existence, no comfort in the grave
Maimed Whore, slave to the death I crave
Attend the funeral of your victim, desecrate the requiem
saw released all inside her
Last rites read from a black book, lexicon of death was uncovered
In seconds, the memory of death is awaken by cold of steal
Every layer of the flesh is covered in soars of guilt
The very fabric of existence is threatened in life
Your release will not be swift
You were left to rot in the Earth
Track Name: Gutting the Orb
Her Phantom Bowls, Spill before me
As mystic fluid, flows down her torso
This putrid mist, that forms beside me
Even the stench, that erupts within her
It reeks of sex, from ages past
Influx of visions, erupt in violence
Converse incision, lateral obstruction
Dream of darkness, death expanded
In Black Corpus she appears
She forms in funeral fire
Reaching for concretion
Coagulate in mid air
A Fraction of her face sneers
With my knife I inject
Shades of fluid fall around me
I smell her putrid breath
Affixed on her spectral eyes
Crawl back to her Corpse
Kneel by her bleeding ghost
Send her back to hell
Crack her sternum with bare hands
Collapsed in exhaustion
Separate vertebrae from the torso
She tried to take my seed but I’m
Gutting the orb
Track Name: Beyond Death
-I have crossed over-my body still intact
Now I am beyond Death-I sleep in a pit of black
I long for the Earth Again
Not ascending to the Sky-But not melting in the end
I am my own God-I can’t be killed
So kill what you want and fuck what you hate
There is no penance yet
An Astral death scene-of spectral dead
A Sordid waste land-no friend to man
The living want wealth-the grave wants flesh
What little blood remains-all must be spilt
-Death has become me- My skin starts to crack
Since I cannot Die- Help me escape
I lust for a taste again
Realization and demise, But not turning into sand
This is my choice- to go beyond death
So lie to their face and sow the seeds of doubt
There is only pain