by Marasmus

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released October 9, 2009

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by: Chris Wilson
Produced by: Chris Wilson and Marasmus
Artwork by: Jeff Sisson
Vocals: Devon Ferrara
Guitars: Tommy White
Bass: Brandon Rockhold
Drums: Trynt Kelly



all rights reserved


Marasmus Kansas City, Missouri

Meaning complete and utter starvation or the worst way to die. Marasmus have made a name for themselves as being one of the most punishing underground metal acts in the Midwest. They have carved their own style out of an over saturated genre and have changed people's perception of what they call Death Metal. Catch them at Metal fest and shows near you. ... more


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Track Name: Shitting Teeth
Fuck you-Skull Shattered-Spleen Punctured-Neck Broken-Brain Leaking
Legs Broken-Bone on my Saw-Skin Ripping-Head on Fire
Since the grave shoved down your fucking throat-
Bleeding to death on my shoes, what are you going to do?
Bringing dead back shoving it down your throat-Cut through your neck
Your corpse’s eyes are on ice-Your body bag - it wont last
Show me your body bag, I wont laugh-Dead-Sleep-Flesh-Rots
Your empty body drains on my basement floor
Stink remains from your tortured skin. Cut deep inside, scratch the hole
Beneath the other dead, you feel at home
Skull Shattered-Spleen Pulled Out-Skin Festered-Ripped Open
Scattered meat thrown up-Raise the dead now in your fucking throat
Keeping the deep beneath shoved in your throat
Leak vile down your neck-Keep the stench down until I repeat
Track Name: Infanticide
The order was given to me-The task is mine to have-The child has seconds to live
The pain in me is vast-The order was given to me-no remains we left at last
This task, my cross perversion of instinct-How must I repent for my sins?-How must I be saved?
Laying on the bones another stinking hole the alive are above bleeding down
Perfect hole I dug to lay your body in an alter to the coward I am
Cutting up and burning children in the streets. No one knows where I kept them
The spine is holding them-Fruit grows on the stem-Salt has cured them
Leather to remember them-I have heard them-Yet haven’t repent
Track Name: Gnostic Decimation
God hears his subject screaming
His hands like spikes piercing men
Die and its increasing his doubt of humanity
His weapon is a human being sent
screaming in the: Murder rape scene
the hated want more
picture them kneeling
while were above holes being dug
feces multiply a horrid scene pleasure it
they’re calling-GNOSTIC DECIMATION
one killed for meat wise hunted down
many of them with no where to hide
like an idiot burning them all
nothing remains
unless we return those
who have lost much less
Track Name: Drowning in Whisky
From the sky the black liquid drains
Water from the earth stained with black soil
Born in the ground sculpt
by the earth’s hatred for man
Now the more we drink the more we lose
The cup it over flows how could we refuse in the same breath
Fermented in the ground this black earth enriching me
Drown in the wake-drowning in whiskey
Inverted while you drink-drowning in whiskey
Mouth open tongue floating-drowning in whiskey
Head fills up liquid fermented in he is leaving-drowning in whiskey
My culture has a an end and its made for them in the ground it sits
My people have this pain they drink till they’re dead and I the same
Lifeless-Burnt out-Drowning in Whiskey